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The Blacksmith

Jake James is an award-winning British born and educated Blacksmith. He has over a decade of success creating functional and sculptural work in forged metal. Jake operates his forge from Vancouver Islands inspirational west coast. 

The vision of Jake James is to create an experience with forged iron that will bring to your project the ethos of a manufactured eco-system, wherein the interaction with the forged metal becomes a sensory experience, going beyond the realm of mere surface adornment.

From large architectural commissions to small and personal sculptural works, Jake James designs from the leading edge of an art that traces its lineage through all the ages of human history.

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A Journeyman’s Travels

Having developed his skills under the tutelage of master blacksmith Richard Bent and upon receiving his Journeyman’s Certificate from the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths, Jake James followed in the rich tradition of the profession and set off on a journey of his own. Jake left England to explore and cultivate his personal understanding of the art and craft of blacksmithing and its place in the world.

Jake’s travels took him first to Sri Lanka, where he worked with a village smith and forged everything from ox plough shares to axes and sickles for the rice harvest. It was a life lesson in simplicity, innovation and resourcefulness. 

In India, Jake spent a month working in silver, both jewelry and inlaying, before taking his journey to North America. There he toured the west coast of the United States and Canada, visiting a number of highly regarded blacksmiths. 

Like many smiths have done over the centuries, he then met his soul mate, married, and established his family home and business on the epic coast of Vancouver Island.

Since then Jake has toured as a teacher, lecturer and demonstrator around the globe helping to continue the tradition of passing on the knowledge of his ancient and ever evolving craft.

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