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Project Profile - Sunset House/Stone House

Jake James worked with b-cubed construction ltd  for two award winning residential projects on Saltspring Island, BC. These contemporary West Coast houses were the perfect venue to showcase Jake's dramatic forging style, with a client and builder who were looking for cutting edge design.

The client provided clear clear communication about the overall flavour of the project, with specifications and oversight from the builder. Jake James was able to problem solve and design independently, maximizing his ability to utilize the properties of hot forged iron. All the forge work was completed on a tight production schedule, involving multiple installations, all completed by Jake James and his team.


Jake is one of most talented tradesmen I’ve ever worked with.  His artistry is obvious, and he is an accomplished craftsman - but he also grasps the importance of project management and business objectives, including efficiency, adhering to timelines and budgets, and the critical need to effectively communicate with clients and other trades. This has made him an exceptional person to work with.

- Kyle Blocksom
B Cubed Construction


The Builder 

The Client's World Class Bed&Breakfast 

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