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Lectures & Workshops


Jake has traveled globally to lecture at universities, colleges and professional associations. His talks cover the development of the modern 'contemporary' forging style and his growth within this movement. Jake's comprehensive multi-media presentation details not only the technical aspects of his art, but explains much of the thinking of his design process and will open your eyes to the possibilities that are unlocked with forged metals.

To inquire about booking please e-mail theforge@jakejames.ca


Host and event, and take part in a major collaborative sculpture build under the guidance of Jake James Artist Blacksmith. Jake has led a number of workshops around the world and will mould the participants into an effective team to design and complete a significant piece of sculpture.


April 2016 - Three day workshop at Adam’s Forge Los Angeles, CA, USA. Three day workshop at Adam’s Forge
July 2016 - Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Leading a collaborative demonstration at Artist Blacksmith Association of North America conference

Past Events

2015 - Week long sculpture build Center for the Metal Arts, Florida, Ney York, USA.
2014 - Three day collaborative sculpture build with the California Blacksmiths Association, Sacramento, CA, USA.
2013 - Week long sculpture intensive w/ BA metal design students Hereford Center for the Arts, Hereford, England.
2013 - Forging In July event Artist Blacksmith Association of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

Private Classes

Come and have the opportunity to work under the expert guidance of Jake James in a one on one setting in his forge on Vancouver Island. Expand your design and forging skills and learn the processes and techniques Jake uses to create his unique brand of work.

Scheduling and pricing upon request

Corporate Events

Scheduling and pricing upon request